With electricity prices firmly on the rise, saving money on energy bills will be high on any household’s agenda! One of our preferred suppliers, Air Light Insulation’s, top energy saving products, the Solar Hybrid Air conditioners may just help you out with that. Air Light Insulation will install these units which can save between 30% and up to 80% in power costs compared to inverter type comparable models!* The Solar Hybrid Air conditioner operates as a combination of solar power assistance and conventional mains power supply. Heat is collected through a solar collector (heat exchange) which is directly transferred to the Refrigeration Gas. This process allows the Refrigeration Gas to be heated with less reliance on the compressor, which is the major cost of running an Air Conditioner. The Hybrid is therefore less expensive to run due to its reduced reliance on electricity. For a FREE QUOTE call Eddy at Air Light Insulation  today on  02 6581 4718 or email him at admin@airlightinsulation.com. Air LightInsulations Acacia Avenue, Port Macquarie Air Light Insulations is a family owned business that has been operating on the Mid North Coast for the past ten years and carries over twenty seven year’s experience within the insulation, sky lighting, air conditioning and waterproofing industries. They pride themselves on providing the highest level of service with competitive pricing and have a diverse and highly trained team comprising of a fully qualified electrician, builder, and insulation and waterproofing installers. Their Manager and Supervisors are available 24/7 so you can be assured commitment and dedication to your job is their priority. *Variables in ambient air temperatures and personal internal temperature settings may vary actual savings.