5 Storage Solutions It’s about this time of year when we all start penning our letters to Santa and dreaming up how our lives will be with that new bike or fishing gear. But if you find yourself wondering where you are going to store all these new possessions you may need to start considering some serious storage solutions. We’ve listed a few suggestions below and we reckon you might just have enough time before the big day to get these organised! Under stairs storage One of the oldest interior design tricks in the book is to make use of that awkward but sometimes quite plentiful space that’s left under the staircase. With a bit of creativity this space has the potential to be a pretty useful storage area. Floating shelves Utilising walls for storage is an efficient way of using underutilised wall space and displaying some of your favourite things. You can use floating shelves to show off your favourite knick knacks, family photos, artwork, vases or even (as shown in the image below) your kitchen bit’s and bobs. It’s important thought to keep these displays looking artistic and considered rather than shoved and cluttered. Built-ins The ultimate in conceal-alls! Just open up the cupboard doors, shove everything in (in a neat and orderly fashion of course) and shut the door. Perfect for kids bedrooms and playrooms to hide all those toys! Garage shelves The garage is generally one of the largest room’s in the house and most people have a tendency to use the space for storage, just not that efficiently. With a good design and some suitable storage solutions you can use your Garage to store your car, your bike and anything else you need to! Garden shed The humble garden shed can serve as a great storage spot as long as you keep it tidy and  organised. All you need is a good set of shelves, some big containers that are clearly labeled and a peg board for your tools.