With all of this warmer weather come the new buds and blossoms of Spring. What a beautiful time of year to get out into the garden and encourage as much growth as possible for the coming months by doing the following:

  • Plant seeds for lots of Spring flowers and veggies that will be ready in time for Summer
  • Plant herbs such a basil, dill, chives and parsley
  • Weed garden beds and renew your mulch
  • Keep an eye out for pests on new growth. You can ward off snails with a ring of coffee granules
  • Dead head spring annuals and bulbs
  • Prune any winter flowering natives, hibiscus, camellias and poinsettia
  • As your plants burst into life, feeding them is high on the list of priorities so be sure to fertilise them well
  • Try and fertilise your lawn soon to give your lawn the boost it needs to get through the warmer months ahead. Try and time to do it just before a bout of rain if you can.
  • Feed your potted plants with a slow release fertiliser and re-pot them if necessary.

Do you have any Spring gardening tips you can share with us?